On 4rth of March 2021, the first (virtual) Build4People curriculum development summit took place with stakeholders from Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), the Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia (PUC) and of the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA).

The main aim of this meeting was to identify needs and demands in terms of curriculum development in the field of our research at higher institutions of education in Cambodia.

In general, the Build4People project regards curriculum development activities as a major part of capacity mobilisation during the whole upcoming Build4People RD phase. Hereby, curriculum development is considered as an essential opportunity to feed in our refined research findings with a lasting impact – even after the end of project funding. Finally, curriculum development is also regarded as an excellent transdisciplinary instrument to compile and to connect results from all Build4People work packages.

A specific focus shall be laid on the development of a new multi-disciplinary master course on “sustainable urban transformation” (working title) at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at Paññāsāstra University, led by Prof. Makathy. This new master course shall incorporate B4P’s specific cross-cutting, people-lead, trans-disciplinary approach.

In addition, we also aim to consult and to provide transdisciplinary input to curriculum development at RUPP (e.g. master course “Geography” and master course “Global Climate Change”) and at RUA.