On 06 October 2023, a successful technical meeting took place at Phnom Penh City Hall in the presence of HE Nuon Pharat, Vice-Governor of Phnom Penh Capital Administration.

The main aim of this meeting was to introduce about the final integrative product of the Build4People project, the so-called “PPCH-B4P Transformation Toolbox”, which for the time being is still work in progress. Basically, it is meant as a living set of various tools to design, implement and evaluate integrated and participatory actions with the key objective to facilitate attractive, well functioning sustainable and healthy neighbourhoods. 

In this way, the proposed PPCH-B4P-TRANSFORMATION TOOLBOX aims to provide criteria, guidelines and tools to different stakeholders to support the application of goals and strategies for a more sustainable neighbourhood development in Cambodia. 

A web-/ app-based solution of the Transformation Toolbox is planned in regard of the envisaged Build4People Implementation phase (2025-2027).

Besides the elaboration on planning and design guidelines, among others, the proposed Transformation Toolbox will also contain tangible spin-off products, for example the first “Cambodian Handbook for Green Housing and Urban Quality of Life” based on a similar product developed by Hamburg University as sub-project within the BMBF-CLIENT-II-project CAMaRSEC in regard of the Vietnamese context from 2019-2023. During our technical meeting a hard copy of this handbook was handed over to Mrs. Tema Vichekal, Deputy Chief of Administration at Phnom Penh City Hall.

Documentation of Build4People-PPCH Technical Meeting at Build4People YouTube Channel