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Kampuchea Thmey Daily, 26 November 2019: ឯកអគ្គរដ្ឋទូតសាធារណរដ្ឋសហព័ន្ធអាល្លឺម៉ង់ េលើកេឡើងពីការរីកចេ្រមើនរបស់រាជធានីភ្នំេពញ ជា មួយនឹងបញា្ហ្របឈមែដល្រតូវរួមគា្នេដាះ្រសាយ.

Construction & Property (Cambodia Constructors Association), 15 March 2022: Germany Conducts Sustainable Ecocity Transformation Project in Phnom Penh.

VOD News, 13 June 2022: Opinion: Sustainable Cities Are Born of Collaboration (by Ses Aronsakda).

Further Build4People outreach materials can be found at our Build4People flickr album.