2nd Build4People Transition Team Meeting: SBA Co-Design Workshop

The second Transition Team Meeting was a 90min session and took place on 16 February 2022. The main aim of this event was to discuss the design of the upcoming Build4People Sustainable Building Arena (SBA) Workshop.

After a kind introduction by the organizers Ravi Jayaweera (Build4People Work Package #6 “Sustainable Urban Transformation”) and Christina Karagianni (Build4People Work Package #2 “Sustainable Building”), Christina gave a short recap about the last meeting “Build4People Actor Mapping Workshop”. Subsequently, there was another introduction round, and the participants could place their avatars to their favorite (sustainable) building and urban development in Phnom Penh on the online platform Miro board. 

Thereafter, the participants were asked about their general experiences in participatory stakeholder workshops in Cambodia. For example, extended Q&A times were quite positively assessed, the use of digital and hybrid tool was seen more ambiguously.

Followed by this, there was an intensive discussion on the operationalization of the SBA within two breakout sessions. Here, answers were sought to questions about creating the overall SBA design, and the individual steps of problem framing, vision development and transition strategies. In the end, all ideas were brought together. 

The Build4People Transition Team will use the valuable discussion for the ongoing preparation of the first Build4People Sustainable Building Arena Workshop due to 21 March 2022.