Bi-lateral exchange in Tübingen, February 2020

Project Manager Dr. Michael Waibel and Rolf Messerschmidt, CEO of EMP (Eble Messerschmidt Partner • Architekten und Stadtplaner PartGmbB), EMP staff Marcelo Rivera, Oliver Lambrecht and Petra Messerschmidt intensively discussed the content and design of the Build4People poster exhibition on “Green Buildings and Sustainable Neighbourhouds” at EMP’s office in Tübingen on 11 February 2020.

EMP is the main responsible of developing this exhibition which will inform and raise public awareness on general principles of various fields of sustainable urban development among the general public. The first edition of the touring exhibtion will mainly focus on case studies of Germany and of Europe.

It will be officially openend at META House in Phnom Penh on 03 March 2020.