Build4People Meeting with leading representative of Phnom Penh Capital Administration

On 05 January 2021, a hybrid meeting took place with Vannak Seng, General Secretary of Phnom Penh Capital Administration (PPCA), Build4People’s key implementation partner, Dr Tep Makathy, General Director of the Cambodian Institute of Urban Studies (CIUS), Build4People’s main local project management partner, Dr Susanne Bodach, Build4People’s local project management assistant, Dr Michael Waibel, B4P representative (online) and Work Package #3 “Sustainable Neighbourhoods” representative Rolf Messerschmidt (online) to discuss further steps in regard of how to proceed with the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) soon to be signed between Build4People and the PPCA, the Status conference of the Build4People project (scheduled for 21 January 2021) and the upcoming Research and Development phase.