Build4People RD Phase Kick-off Meeting of German Team

On 15 April 2021, the German consortium members of the Build4People project gathered for the Kick-off Meeting of the four-year Research and Development Phase (RD phase) of the Build4People project.

At the beginning of the meeting the local project management assistant Dr Susanne Bodach provided an extensive update of the local situation in Cambodia. It was intensively discussed how to deal with the ongoing corona pandemic, related travel restrictions and the effects of this in regard of the joint collaboration with the local research, dissemination and implementation partners.

Following this, the Build4People project representative Dr Michael Waibel introduced the general project management approach of the Build4People project and outlined the specific activities of all work steps during the first year of the RD phase.

Then, each scientific Work Package gave an overlook on its envisaged research activities and its transdisciplinary involvement into joint activities. Open questions were raised which were discussed in the course of a Q&A session following each input.

All in all, it was a very fruitful event with very lively discussions which took way longer than expected. That is why it was decided that there will be a follow-up meeting on 22 April 2021, during which a joint publication strategy and further organisational issues shall be elaborated.