Build4People Video Clip published about a technical meeting to present about our Transformation Toolbox with representatives of Phnom Penh Capital Hall

Happy to announce the publication of the 2nd video clip documenting activities of our recent team trip to Cambodia. The current clip provides some impressions of the technical meeting between the Build4People team and representatives of Phnom Penh Capital Hall on 06 October 2023.

For us, it was a great honor that HE Nuon Pharat, Vice-Governor of Phnom Penh Capital Hall, joined this meaningful exchange and listened to Build4People’s presentation of first ideas of our final integrative product, the so called PPCH-B4P Transformation Toolbox.

On this occasion we would like to express deep gratitude to Cheam Phanin, for providing valuable interview input to this clip, and to Tema Vichekal, for providing the concluding words of our joint technical meeting.