Insightful reflection: The Build4People team rounded off its vibrant stay with a fruitful wrap-up meeting

On March 7, 2024, the Build4People team held its usual wrap-up meeting complementing its latest on-site visit in Phnom Penh.

The Build4People team members were invited to reflect on the on-site stay in a three-fold way: highlights experienced, lessons learned, as well as motivational visions for the next stay to come. 

The three-fold approach allowed for well-balanced feedback, with a strong emphasis on resource orientation. Valuable insights could be expressed, both with regard to the existing strengths of the project and the future potentials to be unfolded.

This way, the meeting served as a solid base for the endeavors to come and the next collaborative steps to be taken by the whole team. The reflection method used can likewise be considered as successfully applied and implemented in the wrap-up meeting, contributing to effective communication within the team. 

The feedback and reflection process was thankfully prepared and moderated by the Build4People Work Package “Behaviour Change” team members, Dr Anke Blöbaum and Andreas Deuß from Magdeburg University.