Start-Stop-Keep – the Build4People team took a three-part teamwork reflection at the end of a busy week in Phnom Penh

On 05 October 2023, the Build4People team did their usual wrap-up meeting meeting after another busy and fruitful on-site phase in Phnom Penh.

All Build4People members gave a review of the team work according to the “Start-Stop-Keep” method.

To run an effective feedback process, you need the right questions, active listening and the basic open-mindedness of all team members.

Regardless of whether things are not going so well in a project or whether the project is currently very successful, a structured feedback method with open questions can help in both cases: to learn from failures but also to help stabilize successful paths.

“Start-Stop-Keep” is just one of many ways to use formalized feedback for team improvement, but in our case we found it particularly effective and straightforward.