Successful Dissemination Event with Center for Khmer Studies (CKS)

On 15 December 2021, the CKS-Build4People webinar “Urban Sustainability Transitions in Phnom Penh: Insights from the Build4People Project” took place with inspiring presentations.

In this context, the Build4People project is very happy that Dr. Mansi Jain from Utrecht University, one of the leading scholars in this field, joined this event as a keynote speaker. Mansi is a Postdoctoral researcher at Utrecht University, Netherlands in research hubs “Transforming Cities” and “Data and Knowledge Hub-Healthy Urban Living” where she conducts trans-disciplinary research with urban stakeholders.

Thanks a lot to all of the staff of CKS for preparing and managing this event, most of all to its director Natharoun Ngo.

Successive joint dissemination events with the Centre of Khmer Studies will be organized with inputs from Build4People WP#5 “Urban Climate” and Build4People WP#1 “Behaviour Change” in the upcoming months.

A more thorough documentation of this event will be soon published at the EVENT section of our website.