Successful kick-off event of Build4People Ecocity Transition Lab 2022 at Phnom Penh City Hall

On 14 March 2022, the kick-off event of the Build4People Ecocity Transition Lab 2022 took place at Phnom Penh City Hall. 

The event was opened by a welcome speech of Dr. Michael Waibel, the overall Build4People representative who firstly emphasized that sustainability is important to prevent global disasters. He also mentioned that in the field of building, Germany has been very successful in achieving carbon emission reductions goals and therefore can set a good example to make Phnom Penh a better place. Furthermore, Waibel made clear that communication inside and outside the Build4People project is the key to success.

Still under construction!

Together with students, researchers and local stakeholders, inputs for sustainable neighborhood development will be discussed based on a case study site of the rapidly urbanizing Chbar Ambov district in the Southeast of Phnom Penh.

It will be exciting to see the results of this transdisciplinary planning tool! Let’s work together towards more vibrant and more livable neighborhoods in Phnom Penh!