University of Hamburg hosts Build4People Kick-off Workshop, October 2019

From 30 September to 2 October the Germany-based Build4People project members met for a kick-off workshop at the University of Hamburg. The group was joined by Dr Heike Bauer and Thilo Ringler from the DLR Project Management Agency.

Project manager Dr Michael Waibel presented the project approach and gave an update on recent activities, including recent research visits and bi-lateral discussions with the Cambodian partners. The local project coordinator Dr Susanne Bodach informed the researchers on the latest developments in Cambodia and about relevant stakeholders in Phnom Penh.

The research partners furthermore discussed future research activities, data management and a joint publication strategy.

Download Agenda (PDF-File)

Further impressions from our workshop:

Susanne Bodach, the local project coordinator, gives a presentation about the local situation in Cambodia.
Anke Blöbaum, University of Magdeburg, explains about the approach of WP#1 “Behaviour Change”.
Rolf Messerschmidt, the CEO of EMP, introduces first ideas of the exhibition “green buildings and sustainable neighbourhoods”.
Prof. Dr. Lutz Katzschner, Leader of WP#5 “Urban Climate”, introduces about the approach of his work package.
Annalena Becker, Research Associate of WP#1 “Behaviour Change”, introduces about theoretical approaches of her field of research.