1st Science Workshop of B4P Work Package #2 “Sustainable Building” and Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC)

On March 25th 2021, the team from ITC, Prof.Virak Han, Chanly Hash, Ly Hav and Dr. Chan Sarin, and the German team members of WP#2 Dr. Dirk Schwede and Christina Karagianni had their first online meeting in order to plan the cooperation during the upcoming RD phase (2021-2025) and to discuss capacity development with the aim of incorporating aspects of sustainable building into ITC’s curriculum. 

At the beginning of meeting, Build4People consortium leader Dr. Michael Waibel gave an outline of the overall project and the envisaged joint activities of the RD phase.

Then ITC introduced its BScs and MSc programmes, e.g. what courses are being taught and how their structure is organised. This was followed by a discussion on how WP#2 can contribute to capacity building in regard of topics relevant to sustainable building(s) and what ITC would like to be included into its curriculum.

In addition, the WP#2 team shared some insights of the research results and project activities during the recent Definition phase and discussed the conduction of the ‘pre-test’ building audit campaign. 

A 2nd discussion round followed regarding the overall activities planned for the RD phase and what is expected from each partner. 

At the end of the meeting the first tasks were assigned for both parties and the next Science Workshop got scheduled.

Funny group picture taken at the end of the meeting