First joint publication of Build4People team

We are very happy to announce that a first joint publication of the whole Build4People team has been achieved. It has been published as a so called policy brief at the Cambodia Journal of Basic and Applied Research (CJBAR), an open source publication, edited by the research office of the Royal University of Phnom Penh.

The policy brief presents first research results and outlines the research approach of the upcoming Research and Development Phase. It also contains reflections how to do successful research within a big multi-disciplinary consortium pursuing a transdisciplinary people-led action research approach.  

Furthermore, it is regarded as a strong symbol to publish at first at a journal of the Global South which can be easily accessed. The key messages have also been translated into Khmer language to reach out to a wide local audience.

To cite this article: 
Waibel, M., Blöbaum, A., Matthies, E., Schwede, D., Messerschmidt, R., Mund, J.P., Katzschner, L., Jayaweera, R., Becker, A., Karagianni, C., McKenna, A., Lambrecht, O., Rivera, M., & Kupski, S. (2020). Enhancing Quality of Life through Sustainable Urban Transformation in Cambodia: Introduction to the Build4People Project. Cambodia Journal of Basic and Applied Research (CJBAR), 2(2), 199 – 233. (pdf-file, 1.7 MB)