Blue-Green Building Design awards 1st price in Hafencity Hamburg Competition

Always seeking to push for a better sustainability performance, the Build4People team member Eble Messerschmidt Partner (Work Package#3 “Sustainable Neighbourhoods”) wins a prestigious competition with an outstanding sustainable design.

The project we-house Baakenhafen in Hamburg’s Hafencity, which is part of the Build4People Exhibition “Green Buildings and Sustainable Neighbourhoods”, features an 8-storey high building with a hybrid massive timber construction system. The blue green concept promotes biodiversity and urban comfort with green facades.

Furthermore, the innovative material flow system for water management incl. grey water recycling and biomass management with an in-house production of the very fertile Terra Preta soil makes am major contribution to a circular economy.

The facades integrate two approaches: PV panels to the south integrated with greening on carbonised timber cladding to the other directions. The edible forest garden and the rooftop green house will produce vegetables and fruits for the residents and the restaurant in the ground floor. The co-housing concept includes a variety of residential housing types as well as community facilities and co-working spaces.

The goal for the very energy-efficient building incl. roof-top PVs is to award the Hafencity sustainability label in the highest standard Platinum.

Copyright: Eble Messerschmidt Partner / moka-studio