Khmer language edition of Build4People exhibition “Green Buildings and Sustainable Neighbourhoods” published

We are proud to announce that the Khmer language edition of Build4People exhibition on “Green Buildings and Sustainable Neighbourhoods” has been published online at flickr.

Past project experience has shown that by means of the use of Khmer language a much larger audience can be reached and be made aware of issues of sustainability. This is particularly the case among staff of lower urban administration levels and among wide parts of urban population not being experts in the field of sustainable construction and sustainable urban planning.

ក្រុមប្រឹក្សាអគារប្រកបដោយចីរភាពអាល្លឺម៉ង់ DGNB

This trans-disciplinary effort has been made possible through the main local project management partner of the Build4People project, the Cambodian Institute of Urban Studies (CIUS) led by Dr Tep Makathy.

The Build4People exhibition is considered as a cornerstone of the Build4People dissemination activities. All work packages have contributed to this under the curatorship of Work Package #3 “Sustainable Neighbourhoods” and the overall coordination of Hamburg University.

The Build4People project has already specific plans to show the exhibition posters during several events and at the sites of the local research partners in the upcoming months.

Whereas the present 1st edition of the Build4People exhibition has a focus on case studies from Germany and Europe, a future 2nd exhibition (due to publication during the envisaged RD-phase, 2021-2025) will mainly focus on case studies from Asia.

Download the whole poster-exhibition as a PDF-file (19,1 MB)