Build4People exchange with CEOs of two local developer companies

On 02 October, the Build4People team met with leading representatives of two local developer companies to explore potential sites in regard of the preparation of the Build4People Ecocity Transition Lab 2024.

In the morning the team met with Mr. Somethearith Din, CEO of 80/20 Central Properties, at the Frangipani Hotel, Phnom Penh, for mutual introductions, to explain about Build4People’s approach and most importantly about the potential site, a wetland area, partly constructed already, located in the surrounding Kandal province southwest of Phnom Penh.

This was followed by a bus trip to pay visit to the site and to have joint lunch.

In the afternoon, the Build4People team met at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia to meet Mr. David Taing, CEO of Highland City Construction developer company, to discuss another site option.

Thereby, it was also about an area located in Kandal province, but this time north of Phnom Penh. This specific site has seen no construction, so far, and it is basically still a wetland area which would require water-sensitive urban management in case of construction.

After intense internal consultations and an additional exchange with our implementation partner, the Phnom Capital Hall, the Build4People team jointly decided not to focus on one of these two sites in regard of the Build4People Ecocity Transition Lab 2024.

Nevertheless, the talk to the developer companies and the site visits provided valuable insights into the current critical situation of the real estate market and the challenges of implementing new residential neighbourhoods in Phnom Penh.

The Build4People team would therefore like to sincere thank to the representatives of 80/20 Central Properties and of Highland City Construction for granting us their precious time and for the meaningful exchange.