Exchange of Build4People Work Packages “Sustainable Building” and “Urban Climate” with a leading consultant of Cambodia’s National Cooling Action Plan in Phnom Penh

On 02 October 2023, members of the Build4People team met Andéol Cadin, an architect and planner for sustainable development, and currently consultant for Cambodia’s National Cooling Action Plan. During the meeting Andéol presented this meaningful initiative, coordinated by the National Council for Sustainable Development which has its seat at the Ministry of Environment.

Part of the National Cooling Action Plan are the collection of data through the measurement of indoor and outdoor conditions. 

During the meeting potential synergies between the Build4People Work Packages “Sustainable Building” and “Urban Climate” were discussed. It showed that there are many possibilities to cooperate, especially as all covers different scale which can be brought together with a high synergy.

It was agreed to create a larger network to in cooperate results into the different action plans and tools.