Build4People Exchange with Sevea Consulting on Energy Efficiency in Cambodia

On 10th February 2021, representatives of Build4People Work Package #1 “Behaviour Change”, Dr Anke Blöbaum and Annalena Becker and of Build4People Work Package #2 “Sustainable Building”, Dr Dirk Schwede and Christina Karagianni, held an informal exchange with Mathilde Driot and Chloe Deparis from the company Sevea Consulting, based in Phnom Penh. 

Recently, Sevea Consulting was involved in the organisation of the Cambodia Energy Efficiency Competition (CEEC), a major bottom-up approach to increase awareness of questions of energy efficiency in Cambodia. This competition of energy efficiency is organised by SEVEA consulting in cooperation with ITC’s Energy Engineering school. The competition is a Cambodian implementation of CUBE, an existing contest in France and other European countries. The competition is running for commercial buildings and focuses on improving the buildings management and changing the energy consumption behaviour of the occupants of the building, without any big retrofits. The competition is being held between buildings comparing their energy savings by comparing their electricity bills for one year. It is going to start on April 2021 and the award ceremony is going to be on April/May 2022.

In regard of Build4People project, further exchange regarding intervention planning will be very exciting. Among other things, there is the chance to intervene in organisations and households in order to change behaviour in energy and resource consumption. 

The collaboration of the Build4People project and Sevea Consulting (CEEC) will consist of experience and data exchange. The Build4People team will offer the household survey results that will help Sevea consulting to frame the user behaviour for the competition.  Experience and data collected about best practices, occupier’s engagement and creative and innovative energy saving techniques within the case studies of the competition will enrich the conceptualization and planning of Build4People project activities.

Further meetings are planned to keep up to date both parties about their ongoing activities and to promote further collaboration.