Build4People WP#4 “Urban Green Infrastructures” Science Workshop at Royal University of Agriculture, Phnom Penh

On 06 March 2023, the Build4People WP#4 Science workshop was held at Royal University of Agriculture (RUA), Phnom Penh. Besides staff and students from RUA the workshop was joined by the representatives from Build4People WP#1 “Behaviour Change”, WP#2 “Sustainable Building” and WP#5 “Urban Climate”.

Dr Sanara Hor, Vice-Dean of Faculty of Land Management and Land Administration (FLMLA), facilitated the workshop. 

The event included a capacity building workshop followed by a discussion about the future project activities. 

WP#4 leader Professor Dr Jan-Peter Mund and WP#5 leader Prof. Dr. Lutz Katzschner presented on time series analysis and urban climate.

The subsequent practical session were conducted by WP#4 Research Associate Gulam Mohiuddin”.

The WP#4 team would like to thank all participants for their active participation and the vivid discussions.

As a modest recognition for the preparation efforts, WP#4 leader, Prof. Dr. Jan-Peter Mund handed over a special edition of the Architecture Guide Phnom Penh to Vice-Dean of Faculty of Land Management and Land Administration (FLMLA), Dr. Sanara Hor.