Build4People Science Workshop of Work Package #2 Sustainable Building: ‘Sustainable building dimensions & solutions for Phnom Penh and Cambodia pt.2’

On the 07 March 2023, the 4th Science Workshop of WP2 “Sustainable Building” took place at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC). This workshop was a continuation of the 3rd workshop on 29 September 2022 where questions about what is a sustainable building in Cambodia and what are the most important environmental challenges that should be considered when such a definition is attempted were asked. So, the purpose of this follow-up workshop was to present the results of its predecessor but also the work of the ITC students that recently participated in the Build4People’s EcoCity Transition Lab 2023 in cooperation with Peng Huoth Group, Cambodias most renowned developer company. 

Multiple Cambodian and international researchers presented their work, amongst them the WP2’s Cambodian research partners Dr. Virak Han and Dr. Kinnaleth Vongchanh.

The workshop started with the WP2 leader, Prof. Dr. Dirk Schwede, introducing the project and agenda of the workshop. 

Next Christina Karagianni from WP2 presented the results from an online questionnaire-based survey about environmental challenges in Cambodia; the survey revealed among others that issues of AC use are quite understood amongst people familiar with sustainable building concepts, on the other hand it seems there is a lack of understanding of issues of resource efficiency.

Following up, Prof. Dr. Dirk Schwede introduced the results from the recent Build4People Ecocity Transition Lab. At this collaborative workshop process two groups of students from ITC participated and presented their own insightful analysis and results.

After the end of their presentation, certificates of contribution were handed out to each student on behalf of the Build4People project and of ITC.

After a short break Dr. Kinnaleth Vongchanh gave a presentation about the consideration of the energy efficiency in building design. The workshop was concluded with a final presentation by Dr. Virak Han about the Build4People organised building audit and measurement campaign in residential buildings in Phnom Penh.

We want to kindly thank ITC for supporting and co-organising this event and all of the presenters and participants for sharing their research and insights from Cambodia.