Publication of video clip documenting the Build4People Ecocity Transition Lab 2024

We are happy to announce a video clip summary of a milestone of the Build4People project, the ”Ecocity Transition Lab 2024” (ECTL). It has been the fourth and final of our living lab series conducted in regard of Phnom Penh’s sub- and periurban Chbar Ambov District. The whole ECTL week was filled with expert-led presentations, engaging discussions with policymakers, e.g. from Phnom Penh Capital Hall, Cambodia leading developer company, the OCIC Group, and hands-on workshops involving more than 70 students from five local universities, the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA), Cambodia, the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), Norton University Cambodia and from Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia (FAUP-PUC). 

This year, the Build4People Ecocity Transition Lab focused on Norea City, a prime urban location at Phnom Penh’s emerging waterfront which has the potential to develop into a show case of world class urban development. 

Furthermore, the SMMR-project initiated a PopUp Kiosk at Norea City to grasp the opinions of the urban dwellers. This innovative participatory approach managed by Impact Hub Phnom Penh and supported by Build4People was another milestone in the context of the Ecocity Transition Lab 2024.

All in all, the Build4People project regards the Ecocity Transition Lab as a multiple-stakeholder dialogue and as a joint learning system to jointly elaborate alternative visions to make Norea City more sustainable and to generally make Phnom Penh a more livable place. 

From the point of view of Build4People such an innovative approach and such an alliance between the corporate sector and the academia is strongly needed to achieve transformative change towards more sustainable urban development in Cambodia. In this context, Build4People deeply acknowledges the role of OCIC Group as spearhead of this and highly appreciates the supportive role of Phnom Penh City Hall.

🔜 Together with other stakeholders such as the SMMR project team Build4People will develop comprehensive ”localised” criteria and guidelines for sustainable neighbourhood development   in Phnom Penh.

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