Transformative power of social media dissemination (!?): BuildPeople facebook page posting went viral

The main Build4People communication platform is our Build4People Facebook page which has two main purposes: We use it, 1) to provide updates about our activities and 2) as a capacity building tool to inform on good practice examples worldwide in the field of urban sustainability.

Since its establishment in August 2019 we have been able to gather about 3,800 followers, mainly from the site of our project region, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and mostly young people, around 40% of which are between 18-24 years old and around 40% between 25 and 34.

So far, we have published approximate 600 postings and we are now very happy that just recently, the first one went viral. It reached out to about 250,000 people and was shared 600 times.

A positive side effect was that it also increased the numbers of our followers by about 15% during that short time.

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