Yellow, green, red or blue – emotional state at the end of an intensive field work phase of the Build4People team  

To start the wrap-up meeting of the Build4People team after an intensive and successful on-site phase in Phnom Penh, all Build4People members positioned themselves in a Mood Meter.

The Mood Meter, originally created by the YALE Center for Emotional Intelligence (YCEI;, to developing emotional intelligence over time, has become a helpful tool for starting and/or ending team meetings. It helps us to identify our own emotions – what is related to the ability to regulate them and take responsibility. Mood Meter is an easy-to-use method that adds a lot of value, especially for large teams.

The picture below shows the feedback from the Build4People team members provided in an anonymous way.

Exhausted after an intense period of work, but in a good mood, in general, the team members headed back to Germany.