EuroCham Cambodia organizes joint webinar with Build4People

On 22 September 2021, the European Chamber of Commerce of Cambodia did organize a joint webinar with Build4People as co-partner. The webinar title was “Green Building Certification as Driver for a Sustainable Transition of the Real Estate Sector”.

Thereby, the focus was on how to raise construction quality through green building certification, an update on what quantifies a healthy & green building and the regional progress of building and neighborhood certification with case studies from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

Topics covered included: Introduction of sustainability approaches of Build4People project; German Sustainable Building Certification applied in the Asia Region; Regional progress of Certified Green Buildings and Quality Aspects; and Benefits of Certification of Sustainable neighborhoods based on the Introduction of Case Studies.

Excerpt from presentation of Dr. Dirk SCHWEDE, Leader WP “Sustainable Building” of Build4People Project
Excerpt from presentation of Mr. Rolf MESSERSCHMIDT, Leader WP “Sustainable Neighbourhoods” of Build4People Project
Excerpt from presentation of Dr. Stephan ANDERS, German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB)

The webinar session was concluded by a panel discussion comprised of industry experts focusing on the benefits of green buildings for Cambodia’s real estate sector. It also showcased in-country initiatives, such as the Cambodia Green Building Council and upcoming innovative building projects that focus on eco-friendly construction for a more sustainable working and healthy living environment.

All in all, it can be said, that the EuroCham did a great job in organizing this event which was only the first of an envisaged series to disseminate the sustainability approaches of the Build4People project mainly to the corporate sector in Cambodia.